…….probably the best enduro guided tours in Bulgaria!

You will have the opportunity to discover some of the most beautiful, wild and adventurous places for enduro tours in Europe, provided by the first Enduro & Offroad touroperator in Bulgaria.

The most mysterious country of the East, the last “Terra incognita” in Europe, located on the same expanse as Southern France, Bulgaria, a crossroad of various civilizations, languages and cultures, is a mountainous country.
Nature was very generous with us here, so that we have different types of terrain, from beautiful high and medium mountains, big forests and green meadows, to rocky or muddy sections.
A perfect combination of 300 sunny days per year, wonderful and various sights, hospitable people, who we respect, is what ensures us total escape from our everyday life.

We will make stops every day for lunch and after the rides every evening we will taste local cuisine and delicacies with plenty of beer or local wine and spirits.

It’s great … what a wonderful memory for us and what a great pub … our friends are jealous. We drove a lot since our return and we have changed a lot in the way we do. Again thank you for this beautiful adventure.

Didier Lodomez

It was a beautiful hike with beautiful scenery and a team with very knowledgeable and friendly guides. Thank you so much for the organization and always in good humor even after the most difficult times. Best regards