Enduro Bulgaria Team

ALAIN DUHOUX – Organizer and Guide

In the year of 91, riding trial motor lit my passion up. I used to ride with friends but I also took part in competitions of the French Championship. I used to be a trial instructor in the school of moto88 in Vesges, a Loraine area of Northeast France. At this time, I also took part of motor shows and motor meetings.

Between 2001 and 2007 I used to practice intensive driving know as “Hill Climbing”. I took part in more than 50 competitions in France and aboard.

In 2007 I won a silver, from the until now, I still have the passion, carving for travels, adventures and most of all the passion for driving free in vast areas.

Yanko Mihaylov – Guide and assistance

Beside my huge experience in enduro riding and guiding, iam i a very opened, sociable and communicative person, with good sense of humour and organizational skills.

Professional ski and snowboard instructor with 15 years experience, I started 14 years ago to ride the mountains on enduro bike together with my local friends, discovering and conceiving most of the enduro tracks

I have one of the most spectacular and beautiful jobs in the summer – enduro guide. For this, I welcome you in Bulgaria, with the greatest enduro trails and paths of the Rodopi mountains. See you there!